Learn How to Gift Wrap with eLighters!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ever wanted to learn how to gift wrap with things you already have around your house? Read on!

(click for full size)

Items Needed:
Brown Postal Paper (Purchased at Target)
Clear Tape
Twine (Purchased at Hobby Lobby)

1.       Lay the item you’re going to gift wrap on the paper and flip the item on its side (for the pillow box, it’s only twice) to measure out how much paper you’ll need. Wherever the item stops, add an additional ¾ inches to 1 ½ inches of extra paper.
2.       Leave extra paper space above and below the item to make sure you cover the bottom of the gift and then begin to trim.
3.       Cut the paper to the spot you measure out in step 1.
4.       Check to make sure you have cut enough paper to cover your gift box
5.       Tape the paper to the gift.
6.       Crease the edges of the paper to make sure the paper fits snug and tight on your gift box
7.       Fold the edge of paper so you have a clean folded line when you bring the paper back over.
8.       Fold the paper over and smooth it out.
9.       Tape the paper down securely
10.   Cut the edges of the paper in a half circle (this will help us later on when we fold down the paper)
11.   Trim off any excess and make sure the paper doesn’t have any jagged edges
12.   Fold the side down (back side first, where you can see the fold)
13.   Fold the other side down (front side)
14.   Tape down the edge. You may need more than 1 piece to make it more secure.
15.   Ta-da! You are finished wrapping.
16.   Take 3 feet of twine and wrap it around your gift box
17.   And this is the final look!


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